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Compliancy is focused on making it simpler, less costly, and more effective for companies to implement and manage their anti-corruption (FCPA, UK Bribery Act), SOC, Sunshine Act, HIPAA HITECH, financial and Governance, Risk, and multi-compliance processes and controls on a world-wide basis with a single management system.  


Solution Approach


Compliancy specializes in custom tailored risk and compliance automation solutions for SOC, the Sunshine Act, HIPAA HITECH, anti-corruption requirements such as FCPA and the UK Bribery Act and any financial and GRC regulatory requirements.  Compliancy's advantage is it ability to leverage a company's investment in existing processes, controls and compliance programs.  Processes and controls that are unique to the company and industry can be easily automated and standardized to accelerate process completion and more effectively manage risk and cost.


Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness


Large multi-national, mid-size companies and government agencies choose Compliancy because of its greater flexibility and cost effectiveness.  Compliancy makes it easier and simpler to automate a both a broad range of anti-corruption and GRC requirements along with internal processes across divisions and countries.  The result is an easy to use, highly flexible solution that makes it easier to automate unique existing processes and controls and easier to build customized processes to meet a company and industry's unique requirements.  


Ensure world wide company and third party enforcement and accountability


Unlike other workflow or automation solutions, Compliancy provides built-in control structures, complete record keeping, certification and audit capabilities for both regulatory requirements AND to ensure compliance of any automation process.


In addition, Compliancy provides unique capabilities such as GlobalTrak for a world-wide risk based view of company and third-party compliance and Compliancy’s Customer Partner Portal to ensure third party vetting, monitoring and reporting compliance.


Compliancy enables any regulatory compliance program to be more proactive and more effective by enforcing policies, ensuring accountability, providing real-time business intelligence, and audit-able proof of compliance.




Founded in 2002, Compliancy is located in Durham, North Carolina, USA.


For more information contact us at or call +1-919-806-4343.



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