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Compliancy Celebrates its 14 Years of Multi-Compliance Leadership. 4/28/2016

Compliancy celebrates its 14th anniversary by releasing the latest version of its cloud-based compliance management solution. The 14th anniversary release puts more power and flexibility in the hands or our customers. It has been continually developing its core platform over this period as well as retaining and building its experience level with key employees. This has allowed Compliancy to continue to be an innovator and leader in the multi-compliance market.

Compliancy Offers Cyber Security Services. 2/16/2016

Companies are under an unprecedented barrage of requests for information security audits and accreditations and for good reasons. Companies are concerned over the strength and comprehensiveness of cybersecurity in the U.S., as companies across the country are being targeted in cyber-attacks at an increasing rate of both occurrence and cost. Concerns continue to grow as both the number of attacks on companiesí networks and the cost to companies are increasing. With the rapid growth of malicious attacks, there has never been a higher risk to corporate, customer, credit card, and PI/PHI data. This has caused a burden on particularly the small and mid-sized enterprise that has reached a point of real impact on bottom line and growth.




Compliancy Introduces CompliancyOnline and adds a record number of New Accounts. 10/22/2015

Compliancy Compliancy introduces its long awaited comprehensive cloud solution for internet security and audit applications. CompliancyOnline takes its 14 year proven technology and packages it with business intelligence, information security tools and audit services for a comprehensive cloud-based information security and audit solution for small and mid-market enterprises.

Compliancy Celebrates its 13 Years of Multi-Compliance Leadership. 4/28/2015

Compliancy celebrates its 13th anniversary by releasing the latest version of its cloud-based compliance management solution. It has been continually developing its core platform over this period as well as retaining and building its experience level with key employees. This has allowed Compliancy to continue to be an innovator and leader in the multi-compliance market.

Compliancy to Participate in Up-coming IT Security Audit Events . 1/28/2015

CCompliancy, provider of multi-compliance solutions to meet enterprise and service bureau customer requirements across one or more regulatory and control environments, announced today that it will be participating in two up-coming industry events. Compliancy has been asked to present to (ISACA) on the topic Service Organization Controls (SOC) automation. ISACA is an industry supported organization that provide information, training and certification for information system auditors. This event will be held at the Research Triangle HQ, Research Triangle Park, NC on February 4, 2015.



Compliancy Introduces “Live Desk”. 9/16/2014

Compliancy is again showing its leadership in the compliance automation space with the introduction of its Live Desk service. Live Desk is an automation support center that uses business intelligence and real people to monitor, anticipate issues and support Compliancy’s cloud-based multi-compliance solutions for service bureaus and other entities.


Compliancy Makes In-roads in Service Organization Mulit-compliance. 6/25/2014

Compliancy continues its growth and leadership in service organization multi-compliance with the addition of 10 new accounts so far in 2014.


Compliancy Announces Multi-Compliance Automation Solution . 2/3/2014

Compliancy is leveragings over a decade of experience in providing leading compliance automation solutions for fortune 500, mid-sized and government organizations in introducing its multi-compliance service organization solution.




Compliancy Announces its SOC Automation Solution. 12/9/2013

Compliancy introduces its solution to help service organizations more effectively comply with SSAE 16 and Service Organization Controls (SOC) reporting.


Compliancy Announces Sunshine Act compliance services with FastTrack . 6/25/2013

Compliancy announced Sunshine Act compliance services with FastTrack to help companies quickly assess their compliance status, correct deficiencies and automate processes to ensure future compliance more cost effectively.



Compliancy Announces Special, Limited Time Offer for Compliancy's FCPA/Anti-Corruption Automation Cloud Service. 11/6/2012

Compliancy announced a special, limited time offer for Compliancy's FCPA/Anti-corruption Cloud Service to facilitate companies wanting to implement a more cost effective compliance automation solution for their FCPA/Anti-corruption programs.


Compliancy Announces GlobalTrakfor More Effective World-Wide Management of FCPA/Anti-Corruption and GRC Compliance . 10/22/2012

Compliancy announced the availability of GlobalTrak for more effective world-wide management of FCPA/Anti-corruption and GRC compliance.


Compliancy Announces Customer Partner Portal for Global Compliance Integration of Third Parties. 9/25/2012

Compliancy announced the availability of their Customer Partner Portal for secure integration of third parties, such as suppliers and contractors, into their FCPA/Anti-corruption and GRC automation solution on a world-wide basis.


Compliancy Celebrates 10 Years of Compliance Automation Excellence. 4/24/2012

Compliancy celebrates 10 years of operations having deployed successful solutions in North and South American, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


Compliancy Deploys FCPA and UK Bribery Act Automation Solution for  Large Global Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Company .  2/14/2012

Compliancy flexibility to utilize the company's current investments and then easily customize them for changes, enhancements, and integration across the various divisions and countries was key in Compliancy's selection.



Compliancy Delivers Mobile Solutions for GRC and FCPA/Anti-corruption Compliance .  12/11/2011

Compliancy delivers mobile applications that extend access to the Compliancy GRC platform from smart phones and tablet devices.


Compliancy Participates at the 26th National Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Washington, DC on November 8-9, 2011.  11/01/2011

Compliancy will be showing its FCPA automation solution and invites companies to meet with them to learn how Compliancy's solution can reduce their FCPA risks and reduce costs.


Compliancy Named a Top 300 Small Business In U.S. Southern States.  06/20/2011

Compliancy announced that it has been selected as one of the 2011 Business Leader Top 300 Small Businesses of the South Honoree by Business Leader Media.


Compliancy Participates at 6th FCPA and Anti-Corruption Conference in Washington, DC on June 22-24, 2011.  05/16/2011

Compliancy will be showing its FCPA automation solution and invites companies to meet with them to learn how Compliancy's solution can reduce their FCPA risks and reduce costs.  


Bradham Named Compliancy's VP of Professional Services.  05/16/2011

Walker Bradham has been named Compliancy's VP of Professional Services which has been instrumental in Compliancy's high customer satisfaction and continued revenue growth.



Compliancy Relocates to Research Triangle Park, NC.  10/24/10

Compliancy relocates to Research Triangle Park, NC to more effectively increase its development, support and professional services in support of its continued growth.  


Compliancy Offers Free Webinar on How To Reduce Financial Close Cycle Time and Reduce Risk .  05/27/10

Compliancy is offering a free Webinar focused on helping companies reduce their financial close cycle time and improve their close processes to reduce risk and save money.  


Compliancy Expands Services and Modifies Name to Reflect Changes.  05/11/10

Compliancy (formerly Compliancy Software) announced the delivery of its unique BPM-based GRC platform as a Software-as-a-Service for both external and internal private cloud based compliance management.  The company streamlined its name to "Compliancy" to better reflect its broader range of offerings.



Compliancy Software Announces Release of Financial Close Management Solution.  12/08/09

Compliancy Software announced the launch of their Financial Close Management Solution which extends its proven General Ledger Reconciliation module for simpler, lower cost, more effective management and faster completion of the financial close process.


Compliancy Software Named a North Carolina Top 100 Small Business.  09/22/09

Compliancy Software has been selected by Business Leader Media as one of its top 100 North Carolina Small Businesses.


Compliancy Software Announces New GRC Application Upgrade to Address Future Government Oversight Regulations. 07/22/09

Compliancy Software announces the availability of a new upgrade of its automation solution that ensures compliance of any future oversight regulation as well as current GRC and general business processes making it the most cost effective investment for compliance management, reducing risk and reducing costs of business processes.


DOI  Bureau of Reclamation to Use Compliancy Software for Oversight of Stimulus Funds. 05/12/09

Compliancy Software selected by the Department of Interior's (DOI) Bureau of Reclamation to automate their internal controls for stimulus spending, transparency and reporting requirements.


Red Wolf Selects Compliancy Software's Professional Services to Implement an Open Source ERP Solution for Their Business.  03/17/09

Compliancy Software's Professional Services was selected to automate a complete end-to-end open source ERP set of business operation processes including purchasing, receiving, manufacturing, inventory management, and shipping including bar code tracking of material. The results provided Red Wolf with a competitive advantage for custom contract manufacturing that was faster and more responsive for higher customer satisfaction and repeat business. 


Botswana Ministries of Local Government Selects Compliancy Software to Automate and Manage Their Internal Controls Across Their Local Governments. 01/20/09

Compliancy Software selected to automate and manage their processes and internal controls to consolidate, centrally monitor and provide consistency across their local governments.  This ensures that the local governments get the support they need, there is consistency in how programs are administered, and there is more effective accountability. 


DOI  Bureau of Reclamation Selects Compliancy Software to Automate Their Finance and Key IT and Internal Control Processes. 01/19/09

Compliancy Software selected by the Department of Interior's (DOI) Bureau of Reclamation to automate their OMB 123A financial processes as well as their internal controls for their dam safety programs. 



Compliancy Software Named Finalist for 2008 NCTA 21 Awards. 10/21/08

Compliancy Software named a finalist in the Early Stage Company of the Year Award category for the 2008 NCTA 21 Awards which are recognized as North Carolina's most prestigious awards celebrating innovation and excellence in North Carolina.


Alcatel-Lucent Selects Compliancy Software to Automate Their Anti-Corruption Practices. 10/07/08

Alcatel-Lucent chose Compliancy for its easy implementation of compliance regulation controls, integrating with its general business processes, integration across divisions in several countries, and the flexibility of customizing the management interface to fit Alcatel-Lucent's process structure, terminology and usability requirements.  


Southern Star Gas Pipeline Selects Compliancy Software to Automate their SOX and Application Access Security Reviews.  09/10/08

Compliancy's automation solution is unique by addressing both their SOX requirements and and application security access reviews with integration into their business operations.


Compliancy Software Announces New AS5 Solution. 03/17/08

Offering provides an easier, faster and lower cost method of implementing the Audit Standard No. 5 (AS5) which is ideal for smaller businesses.  



Pentair Water Products Selects Compliancy Software to Automate Their Sarbanes-Oxley and Business Operation Processes 11/06/07

Pentair selected Compliancy because they wanted a single solution that was easier, more cost effective, and with the flexibility to start anywhere in their company to automate their business processes and then extend to SOX and other business requirements with built-in controls to ensure compliance of all their business processes.


Compliancy Software Provides "Universal" Application for Automating Business Processes for Any Risk Management, Compliance or General Business Operation 07/31/07  

The Compliancy ICM application provides a single application for easier and more cost effective automation of business processes for any risk management, compliance or general business operation.  The application is unique because it allows non-technical resources to automate processes through customizable templates and forms, but also has been designed to have defineable internal controls capabilities to meet any compliance or risk management requirement.


Compliancy Software to be Featured in Case Study at the IT Compliance Institute Conference 04/23/07  

Compliancy Software will be featured in a case study at the IT Compliance Institute Conference on May 4, 2007 in Washington, DC. The conference is at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City at the Reagan National Airport and the session is 7B from 1:40-2:55 PM.


PPD Selects Compliancy's Software's ICM to Automate Their Sarbanes-Oxley and Financial Processes 03/28/2007

PPD, a North Carolina based contract research company for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations has selected Compliancy Software to automate its Sarbanes-Oxley and general financial processes.


Compliancy Software Further Extends Secure Access for its ICM Solution 01/17/2007

Compliancy Software announced today the availability of a new version of their Internal Control Management (ICM) solution that provides more effective control and accountability of security policies enforcement and compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX. 



Compliancy Software Names James Chickos VP of Sales and Business Development 10/11/2006

James Chickos has joined the company as vice-president of sales and business development.  Mr. Chickos brings over 25 years of sales and business development background from working at Alerts, Inc., Rogue Wave Software, Tangram Enteprise, Encompass and Mitsubishi.


AlphaVax Selects Compliancy Software ICM to Automate Their Internal Financial Controls 9/18/2006

Compliancy Software today announced that AlphaVax, a North Carolina-based vaccine company, has chosen the Compliancy Software Internal Control Management (ICM) solution to support its internal compliance initiatives.


ICM Compliancy Software Launches SOX Appliance 3/21/2006

Compliancy Software Launches Internal Control Management Appliance for SOX Compliance, providing easier, lower cost turn key automation solution for mid-market companies and VARs.


ICM Compliancy Software Launches Optimized Automation Solution for SOX 3/7/2006

New release results in more effective cost reductions for sustained compliance management and transforming compliance into business value.



ICM Now Includes Continuous Control Monitoring 10/5/2005

New release includes Continuous Control Monitoring, Assertion Reporting and more making it the most end-to-end solution on the market.


Compliancy Announces Support for Oracle 8/15/2005

ICM is Now Available on the Oracle Database Platform.


Compliancy Announces latest Release of ICM 5/23/2005

Compliancy, formerly ChannelFlex, today announces the launch of ICM at the Ultimus Americas User Conference in Miami, FL.


Compliancy Sponsors AIIM SOX Event 5/5/2005

Compliancy is sponsoring an AIIM SOX event in Research Triangle Park, NC - May 12th, 2005.


ICM includes integration with Business Objects 3/28/2005

Compliancy includes Business Objects Integration Kit and support with ICM.


Upcoming Compliancy Events 3/22/2005

Compliancy to participate in SOX conferences in Boston and Miami.


Compliancy Announces ICM Support of Local Languages for International Markets, 2/22/2005

Today Compliancy announces its intention to deliver a localized version of ICM in Q205.



Compliancy Expands Global Sales Presence through Ultimus Partnership, 11/8/2004

Today Compliancy and Ultimus announce a Sales Partnership where Ultimus will resell Compliancy ICM through its global sales channel.


Free On-line Seminar on Sarbanes - Oxley by Ziff Davis, 11/2/2004

Learn how Business Process Management fits into your SOX strategy.


Compliancy to Participate in SOX Conference, October 16, 2004

Compliancy will be participating in a SOC panel discussion in New York City on October 26th.  Other panelist include Chrisan Herrod, Chief Security Officer of the SEC.


Compliancy to Release Internal Control Management, August 12, 2004

Internal Control Management is a comprehensive control automation system for maintaining SOX compliance.


Compliancy to Address Ultimus Confernece, August 8, 2004

Compliancy solution reduces the cost and complexity of compliance.


Compliancy Introduces Sarbanes-Oxley Application, July 8, 2004

Compliancy application reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining compliance.


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