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The Compliancy difference

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Compliancy's Internal Control Management (ICM) software is a highly flexible application that is a compliance designed solution for easier and more cost effective automation of customizable GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) processes and controls such FCPA, SOC, OMB A-123, and other regulatory compliance requirements.  Key capabilities include:


Built-in compliance controls for any process requirement

ICM provides easier and more effective built-in control management capabilities of any regulatory and internal business process with complete automation of all control processes, real-time continuous control monitoring, segregation of duties, security authorization, automated testing/auditing, certifications, evidence tracking, control documentation and associated control document management, issues identification and remediation, and real-time management oversight and on-demand reporting.


Roles Driven Interfaces Designed for Every Level of User

ICM is designed to make it easier and more effective for use by every level of user.  Executives have real-time dashboard monitoring, implementers a forms-driven consolidated control task interface, business owners only deal with the task relevant to them, and the compliance team/audit have access to all of these with one-click test/audit automation and drill-down. 


Individualized Task Routing™ directly to business unit owners

ICM allows you to integrate control tasks directly into business units for distributed and accountable management that is easier to use, faster to complete and reduces support and training costs.  Business unit task owners only see and work with their relevant information when required.  No need to access complex systems, no need for extensive training.


Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) and Management

Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) and management provides more effective schedule and task monitoring, issue identification and remediation for greater control, fewer errors, and more responsive capabilities.


Flexibility for future integration and enhancements .

ICM lets you start by easily automating existing processes or automate new processes with built in templates and then you can grow at your pace. The compliance designed foundation gives you the flexibility to automate your existing investments in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements and then quickly extend and augment your processes as an integrated management system.


For more information contact us at info@compliancy.com or call +1-919-806-4343.

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