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Compliancy is able to easily and more effectively provide GRC automation for customized financial and other regulatory compliance requirements because of its unique application design and its underlying BPM platform. The resulting flexibility enables the automating of any existing or new regulatory and internal operating business process providing optimized alignment, enforcement and management of compliance and business processes.


Compliancy enables automation of both regulatory and internal operational processes with built-in regulatory level controls to ensure business results and more effective compliance and management.


 The following provides more detail on the benefits of a BPM based solution.

A single integrated compliance designed solution for every process automation need

The Compliancy application is a compliance designed with complete internal control capabilities integrated with an underlying Business Process Management (BPM) engine as its foundation.


Compliancy’s application is seamlessly integrated with a BPM engine and Compliancy provides a version of the engine as part of its solution. 


A compliance designed BPM-based application has distinct advantages compared to point solutions for compliance or simple workflow based solutions.  A compliance designed BPM-based application goes beyond basic workflow engines to integrate content, applications, and people through a common BPM system with built-in regulatory level processes and controls. This is critical to accomplish integration across the company and ensure adherence to the processes.


When you select Compliancy you get both the value of the compliance controls implementation and the ability to automate any existing or custom manual controls for any business processes from one single vendor.


Most efficient solution to streamline all processes across the company

BPM provides the most flexible, efficient foundation on which to build compliance solutions to reduce costs, provide for growth, manage change and execute business strategy:

  • More effective streamlining of processes across the entire business not just compliance for more effective use of resources and increased productivity.

  • Cross enterprise integration to quickly take advantage of the automation and process management with a single management system.

  • Empowers management with overall visibility to their company and be more responsive to issues and changes.

  • More effective execution of business strategy and creating customer value by integrating compliance into the overall business process.


Extensibility to any compliance requirements

Compliancy can be used throughout the organization for any regulatory compliance or risk management requirement to ensure the most efficient implementation resulting in lower cost to implement, lower training and support costs, easier implementation across the company and alignment of strategy and processes.


The Compliancy application has been designed specifically to provide the flexibility to handle any control structure hierarchy.  Pull down selection lists and complete organization structures for routing and certification can be easily customized so that users are presented with an easier to use structure task thus eliminating user errors and lowering support and training costs.


In addition, the Compliancy application is process template and forms driven making it easy to change and implement for the best fit with your requirements.


Extensibility to any business operation process

Unlike other basic workflow engines typical of most compliancy solutions, BPM can be extended to any process requirement assuring your company of the potential for integration into your current requirements, the ability to handle future requirements, and basically future proof your investment.


Compliancy personnel are experts in BPM and implementing process automation of a wide range of business operations.  For example, Compliancy has worked with companies that have started first with automating financial processes and then moved to SOX processes and then human resources, inventory management and sales and marketing processes.


The following are just a few of the examples of Compliancy experience in automating general business operations:

  • General Ledger Reconciliation
  • Purchase Approval Process
  • Marketing Program Approval Process
  • Program Benefits Claim Process
  • Accounts Payable Issue Resolution
  • Customer Service Process for defective claims
  • Employee On-Board Process for IT
  • Safety Investigation process


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