The Compliancy Difference


The Compliancy Difference 
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The Compliancy difference

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Compliancy specializes in control automation solutions for financial and GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) processes such as FCPA, SOC, OMB A-123, and other regulatory compliance requirements.


Customers choose Compliancy because of its unique flexibility, ease of use, and extendibility to handle their company's and industry's unique regulatory requirements at an affordable implementation and management cost.  Customers also like the fact that you can start your automation with any regulatory or internal processes and then easily expand thus providing a future proof solution.  


More cost effective, better return on investment

Unlike other automation solutions, Compliancy can leverage your current investments in processes, controls and compliance programs so you do not "start over" but effectively utilize what you have to standardize, automate and extend.  Furthermore, Compliancy makes it easier, faster and less costly to automate, change and manage.


Ensure enforcement and proof of compliance

Automating business processes is almost useless if you cannot be certain that people will properly utilize them.  Compliancy specializes in ensuring enforcement with built-in controls, alerts, issue management, complete record keeping, document management, certification, and audit capabilities.


World-wide view of all compliance activities and third-party partners. 

Compliancy's unique GlobalTrak is the first available real-time global management tool that improves world-wide management effectiveness in identifying potential problem areas, setting action priorities, and following up on compliance requirements.  It can be especially useful in hard to track third party due diligence and risk areas associated with FCPA/Anti-corruption which is inherently a multi-country problem.


Compliancy’s unique Customer Partner Portal provides an ideal solution for companies to provide secure, automated access to third parties for profiling, vetting and monitoring on a global basis at a greatly reduced cost while significantly reducing risk.


Mobile access for more efficient anywhere management.

Forms are optimized for the device and automatically detected by the system and users can switch between mobile and desktops on the same forms.


Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) for stronger issue identification and remediation

Compliancy's solution also includes advanced capabilities such as continuous control monitoring (CCM) of any control and transaction against defined business rules for faster issue identification and remediation to improve effectiveness and reduce the risk of regulatory problems.


Individualized Task Routing to drive distributed task responsibility and reduce cost

Compliancy has integrated Individualized Task Routing so that task are pushed down to the distributed owners who only deal with their specific issues thus eliminating access to complex systems and significantly reducing the cost of training and support.


Flexibility with ability to standardize process and control templates

Compliancy's unique flexibility let's you easily automate existing processes and controls and then utilize those templates across the company to ensure consistent processes and management. These templates are easily modified to address any unique variances and be extended to incorporate new or changing requirements.  


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