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Flexible Configurations Ė Start Quickly and Grow!

Compliancy provides an on-site provisioning solution for every size company at any phase in their risk management and compliancy implementation from mid-market to large enterprises.  Whether you want to start quickly with minimal cost or need customized work-flows with a large number of processes, Compliancy has a solution. 


Compliancy specializes in custom tailored risk and compliance automation solutions to best fit your needs and budget.


Compliancy also offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for a subscription based, Internet accessible implementation that reduces your up front investment in software and hardware to fit your budgetary requirements and provides additional benefits in customization and flexibility not offered by other vendors.  Click here for more information about the Compliancy SaaS offering.


Compliancy provides a Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition for on-site provisioning.  

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes the complete integrated software for smaller companies or enterprises that want to start with fewer processes and then phase their growth.  Standard Edition is a software application that is installed on the customerís hardware and OS and uses the customerís existing database. 


The Standard Edition will support up to 5 control process maps.  Note that a single control process map can be used for implementing a large number of control procedures when there is consistency in the process flow.  Compliancy provides software support. 

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition includes the complete integrated software for larger enterprises that have high volumes of processes and want to take advantage of the full power of business process integration.  The software is installed on the customerís hardware and OS and uses the customerís existing database. 


The Enterprise Edition will support unlimited processes and includes integration capabilities for integrated solutions and advanced features.  Compliancy provides software support.  


For more information contact us at or call +1-919-806-4343.


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