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The Compliancy difference

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Compliancy's mobile applications enables users to rapidly access and respond to compliance controls and procedures from any location in a secure manner to reduce delay, improve accuracy and act on business intelligence to ensure enforcement and tracking of compliance requirements. 


What is unique about Compliancy’s mobile solution is that a user can move seamlessly between mobile and non-mobile devices with no additional training. 


Forms are optimized for each device, the system automatically detects the device and users can switch between mobile and desktop/laptops on the same form.  Every process, action and compliance related data is captured as part of the Compliancy platform to ensure enforcement, accountability and audit-ability.  


With Compliancy’s mobile app, companies have real-time access regardless of location to critical data and the ability to ensure that employees adhere to policies and procedures with anytime, anywhere access to required forms and process information. 


In addition, managers can be informed immediately of a violation or pending violation of policies and procedures at anytime regardless of location thus enabling faster reaction and mitigation to avoid costly issues. 


Supported mobile devices include the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Blackberry. Check with Compliancy for level of support for various mobile devices.  


Click here to contact Compliancy to learn more about how its mobile applications can be integrated with your automation solution for greater effectiveness, efficiency and mitigation of potential issues. 



Compliancy Partners with Chatty Solutions for Next Generation Mobile Solutions


Compliancy is partnering with Chatty Solutions to extend its on premises and SaaS solutions to the mobile market.  Chatty (TM) Solutions develops and markets Chatty Apps, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the rapid development of powerful, cross-platform mobile user-interfaces for SaaS applications and Web forms, enabling them to run like native apps on smart phones. They extend SaaS applications and Web forms for on-premises applications to mobile users using a patented technology.  For more information on Chatty solutions click here:


In addition to enterprise on-premises solutions with integrated mobile apps, Compliancy also offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for a subscription based, Internet accessible implementation that reduces your up front investment in software and hardware to fit your budgetary requirements and provides additional benefits in customization and flexibility not offered by other vendors.  


Click here for more information aboutthe Compliancy SaaS offering.



For more information contact us at or call +1-919-806-4343.



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