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Compliancy personnel are experts in the automation of standardized and custom tailored GRC and financial processes and controls and business process management utilizing the Compliancy ICM application.  Compliancy has strong experience in leveraging existing investments in risk and compliance processes and controls and then extending and augmenting them for improved effectiveness, efficiencies and cost management.


Compliancy services include:

Professional Services

Compliancy's expertise ranges from definition to implementation and custom development. Whatever your requirement from "out-of-the-box" template driven compliance to customized processes and controls Compliancy can fulfill on your needs.


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Compliancy ICM Education provides technical educational services and certification on the latest Compliancy Products to ensure you possess up-to-date knowledge of the latest product releases.


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Compliancy Technical Support has the technical experts to resolve your technical issues quickly to ensure that you focus on what is really important -- your business!


Compliancy Basic Technical Support answers installation questions, resolves configuration issues, captures problem reports, and responds to usage questions that get you up and running -- and keep you up and running.


We are truly committed to support; it is one of our founding principles.


The first year of support is included as part of the solution price.


There are no hidden charges or limits to basic support.


We stay with you until each problem is solved, whether it is a Compliancy problem or integration with another application where Compliancy may not be at fault.


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For more information contact us at or call +1-919-806-4343.




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