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Professional Services 

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Compliancy Professional Services personnel are experts in the automation of financial and GRC processes, business process management, and the Compliancy ICM application.


Compliancy Consultants, in partnership with you, will deliver an optimized Internal Control Management solution that meets your exact requirements unique to your company and industry.  



Compliancy's Professional Services give you the flexibility you need to develop the in-house knowledge to implement and manage Compliancy's ICM solution or utilize the Compliancy Professional Services to do it for you.


The Compliancy methodology is designed to work with you, cause as little disruption as possible, and focus on improving your compliance implementation, not radically changing the way you do business.  


Compliancy takes a holistic approach to understanding your requirements and then working with you to model and document your needs and improve your processes through more efficient automation.  


Compliancy provides a range of practices from Basic Implementation Services, Custom process and Workflow Services, Enterprise Integration Services and Business Process Management Services.  



Basic Implementation Services


As part of every solution, Compliancy's Professional Services personnel helps install the ICM solution, and define and implement basic control structures to get you up and running.  As a result, the learning and experience is accelerated for your teams while building a sound compliance management system.


As part of the initial statement of work for the project, Compliancy will be work with you to define what you need and make recommendations about the best way to implement your compliance requirements.  This can range from simply transferring control definition information you may have already developed in spreadsheets to more complex work definining levels of categories, controls, assertions and risks identification.


Compliancy will ensure that you are satisfied with a successful implementation and support your requirements as you move forward.  Compliance implementation is an ongoing process, not a one time project, and Compliancy Software is dedicated to working with you as a partner during that process.



Custom Process and Workflow Services


Customers often choose Compliancy’s solution because of its flexibility and ability to customize their compliance processes and controls to meet their unique company and industry requirements.


Compliancy offers powerful business automation and control features not offered by other compliancy solutions because it is business process based.  This allows not only control process procedures to be mapped, but also the routing of tasks based on job titles, user names and organizational relationships, as well as the integration of non-process based events such as application transactions.


This flexibility allows companies to map any control requirement needed as well as integrate business processes, other organizations, new compliancy needs, and thus future-proof your solution.


Compliancy includes a modeling environment for customized business processes to meet your specific business requirements.  Compliancy recognizes that customers often have unique requirements and need to customize the included templates or develop new processes for additional requirements.


Compliancy Professional Services are experts in the development of leveraging existing investments in processes and controls and customization where reguired by special needs.   Compliancy Professional Services combine a unique combination of skills, technology and services to design and implement the processes you need when you need it.


The result will save you save time, prevent errors, educate you, and put you on the right track to reach your goals.


For more information contact us at or call +1-919-806-4343.



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