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Compliancy’s FCPA/Anti-corruption Cloud Service provides automation of all processes and controls for regulatory compliance with all the benefits of a “software-as-a-service” solution and the unique capability of being able to be tailored for specific company needs and easily migrated on-premises if desirable at a future date.


Compliancy’s Special Offer for the FCPA/Anti-corruption Cloud Service is a limited time offering for qualified companies.  It provides for the following:

  • Up to a 46% monthly discount
  • Up to a 100% fee waiver for any set up
  • Up to a 50% discount on any Professional Services during the promotional period
  • No obligation to continue after 6 months   

Contact Compliancy for more details.


Compliancy’s Special Offer for its FCPA/Anti-corruption Cloud Service provides a unique opportunity for qualified companies to quickly implement and immediately see the value of managing their FCPA/Anti-corruption programs via a Cloud Service for greater efficiency and more effectively reducing risk on a world-wide basis.


Compliancy’s Cloud Service provides a secure platform for complete evidence tracking and regulatory level control management capabilities. This includes automation of all compliance and business processes, document management, rules based routing, segregation of duties, security authorization, testing/auditing, certifications, evidence tracking, alerts, issues management and reporting. 


Compliancy's FCPA Cloud Service provides an ideal solution to start quickly with a lower cost of ownership and then scale as required.  It eliminates the typical cost of an initial software and hardware installation along with minimizing the cost of technical support.  Companies can manage their solution implementation and execution requirements to better meet their budget cash flow and literally “accomplish more with less!”


Unique World-Wide and Third-Party Management

Compliancy also provides a unique GlobalTrak™ service for world-wide geographical management of all regulatory and risk activities along with a Customer Partner Portal service for companies to more cost effectively and securely have automated access to third parties for profiling, vetting, and monitoring on a global basis.


Compliancy gives you more flexible future options

Unlike other automation solutions, Compliancy can leverage your current investments in processes, controls and compliance programs so you do not "start over" but effectively utilize what you have to standardize, automate and extend.  


Most importantly, Compliancy provides the flexibility to migrate your FCPA Cloud services to an on-premises solution.  


Companies choose Compliancy because of its flexibility, ability to utilize current investments and transform their processes and programs into a standardized and globally managed system.


Contact Compliancy to learn about how you can benefit from Compliancy's special offer and take advantage of Compliancy's more cost effective world-wide solution.


For more information contact us at info@compliancy.com or call +1-919-806-4343.


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