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Compliancy has been providing compliance solutions and services to the health care and pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years. This experience can help you become more cost efficient with HIPAA for HITECH.


If you are a Business Associate or have Business Associates and are concerned about complying with HITECH, Compliancy can provide a solution.  Business associates must now provide "satisfactory assurances" of compliance to the covered entities. This is a daunting thought to many BA's and their covered entities.


Compliancy specializes in getting you to compliance quickly and cost effectively.  Compliancy can perform a low cost, rapid assessment to help you determine what is required for your business and then develop the most appropriate solution to meet your compliance and budget requirements.  


Compliancy Rapid Assessment of HITECH Compliance

  • Find out where you stand so you can effectively plan for compliance
  • Base level risk assessment
  • Minimal effort and cost required for analysis
  • Deliverables include score card, report and plan of action
  • Quickly get a clear picture of status and effort required

Compliancy HITECH Management Program

  • Includes Full Discovery package! (see Full Discovery below)
  • Continually monitor risk levels and issues
  • Manage and maintain HIPAA HITECH policies and procedures
  • Automation and management of PHI disclosure notifications to ensure compliance
  • Annual compliance review
  • Provide business intelligence to monitor, audit and improve processes
  • Dashboard, one-click reporting and easy report customization to fit your specific needs.

HITECH Full Discovery

  • Analysis of current environment with risk assessment
  • Review, update and development of policies
  • Identification and Report on deficiencies
  • Plan of action to resolve deficiencies
  • Project management of compliance projects
  • Report templates
  • Automation plan for ongoing issue identification and resolution

HITECH Automation to reduce cost and ensure compliance

  • Automation of all processes, reviews and assessments for greater efficiencies
  • Rules based breach and issue identification for early detection and faster resolution
  • Third party vetting and monitoring for compliance
  • Capture of all evidence and events for audit and management
  • Automated policy and procedures management for improved communication and implementation
  • Strong organization based security for proper authorizations

Greater value - Better ROI

Be assured of being compliant while reducing your costs and improving your cycle time, productivity, and your business effectiveness.


Compliancy provides the easiest to implement and manage system on the market for sustained compliance at the lowest total cost of ownership. Whether on site, or as a cloud solution, Compliancy has the right approach for you.  Our research has clearly shown savings and faster response time to issues versus more traditional methodologies.


For more information contact us at or call +1-919-806-4343.



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