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The Compliancy Internal Control Management (ICM) solution goes beyond Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) automation to include compliance designed general Business Process Management (BPM) based automation with unique built-in regulatory level controls to ensure adherence to the processes put in place.


With Compliancy ICM you are getting two major capabilities as part of one solution - the ability to automate your risk management and compliance requirements and the ability to automate your general business processes, all with the ability to utilize the control capabilities to ensure adherence to the processes.


Realize greater value

  • Automate existing or custom manual controls to take advantage of your current investment in controls and processes.

  • Utilize the built-in regulatory level controls to ensure adherence to the business processes for more effective results.

  • More effective streamlining of processes across the entire business not just risk management and compliance for more effective use of resources and increased productivity.

  • Cross enterprise integration to quickly take advantage of the automation and process management with a single management system.

  • Empowers management with overall visibility to their company and be more responsive  to issues and changes.

  • More effective execution of business strategy and creating customer value by integrating risk management and compliance into the overall business process.

Any operation, any industry


With Compliancy solution you can automate, streamline, and integrate any existing or custom manual controls for any business processes whether it is in Finance (e.g., General Ledger reconciliation), HR, Marketing (CRM), Sales, Manufacturing or IT.


The same holds true for any industry whether it is Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharma, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Services Organizations, Government or Education.


Most importantly, you can work across your company and align, streamline, and integrate your strategy, governance, risk management, compliance and general business processes across divisions and geography for greater productivity, lower costs, and better decision making.

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