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The Compliancy difference

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Compliancy can either provision a custom tailored risk and compliance automation solution on your site with your hardware or provide an off-site Cloud Service solution that is subscription based. Each one of these solutions has it own benefits and tradeoffs.


On site software provisioning with your hardware


Compliancy's solution can be implemented on your compatible hardware and software on site in the traditional manner done by many companies. Compliancy will help you with the install and configuration as part of the overall package.


Within your company the application can be accessed via the Intranet/Internet providing easy implementation and management across the company according to your security and data management policies.


Professional services are available from Compliancy to assist in the implementation, customization and management of your solution.


Cloud Services


Compliancy can provide the Compliancy software for you as an Internet accessible managed service in a highly secure facility complete with multiple layers of redundancy and network access protection. A compliance Cloud Service solution eliminates the initial software and hardware installation and technical costs of an on-site provisioning and provides an easier to manage subscription based pricing for your budget control.


A SCloud Service solution is ideal for companies wanting to start quickly and lower their cost of ownership. In addition, Compliancy offers some unique benefits not provided by other SaaS solutions.


Click here for more information about the Compliancy Cloud Service solution.



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