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Compliancy provides a unique risk and compliance automation Cloud Service for its software as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution:

  • Utilize current investments in processes and controls
  • Ability to customize, standardize and augment on a world-wide basis
  • Fast and lower cost startup with available form and process templates
  • Unique GlobalTrak for world-wide, geographical based risk management with drill down
  • Unique Customer Partner Portal for profiling, vetting and monitoring third-party partners on a world wide basis
  • Greater future flexibility with the ability to migrate the installation to an on-premises location to switch to a customer managed solution

With ever increasing demands to reduce budgets along with market uncertainty about revenue attainment, companies are looking even harder to find ways to lower the cost of FCPA/Anti-corruption, and a multiple of other regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, OMB A-123 and Financial processes such as Financial Close.


Click here to learn about Compliancy's special, limited time offer on FCPA/Anti-corruption Cloud Services.

SaaS Cloud Services benefits


SaaS provides an ideal solution to start quickly with a lower cost of ownership and then scale as required.  SaaS eliminates the typical cost of an initial software and hardware installation along with minimizing the cost of technical support.  Companies can manage their solution implementation and execution requirements to better meet their budget cash flow and literally “accomplish more with less!”


GRC as a SaaS Cloud Service solution


The SaaS model is ideal for implementation of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements:

  • Requirements can be implemented incrementally based on priorities.
  • Implementations can easily be changed in response to changing regulations or company requirements.
  • Access and available are easily accomplished via the Internet.
  • Budgets can be more easily managed over time.
  • Easy to configure process and form templates allow fast and easy startup.
  • All the requirements for segregation of duties, tracking of all processes, transactions and documents and complete evidence and issues management and reporting can be implemented.

Compliancy adds unique value


Compliancy provides complete internal control management capabilities including the documentation, automation and management of all governance, risk and compliance processes, rules based routing, segregation of duties, security authorization, automated testing/auditing, certifications, evidence tracking, issues management and reporting.


Compliancy takes it a step further with unique benefits built into its solution.  Unlike other SaaS solutions in this area, Compliancy has recognized that not all companies utilize the same processes and forms, that they desire the flexibility down the road to automate and integrate more general business processes for greater efficiency, and there may be a need to migrate the solution in-house.  Compliancy provides:

  • Complete flexibility to start with any compliance, risk or governance requirement and then expand and integrate as needed with the same, single system – no additional software needed!
  • Individualized Task Routing (ITR)™ via integrating with your email systems to remove bottlenecks, reduce access to the main system, and reduce training and support.
  • Completely customizable access from the Internet for modifying processes and forms.
  • Organization based for responsibilities and permissions for easier setup and modification.
  • Complete evidence and documentation capture with ability to store redundant images at different locations to assure availability in case of problems.
  • Unique GlobalTrak for visual world-wide, geographical based risk management with drill down.
  • Unique Customer Partner Portal for profiling, vetting and monitoring third-party partners on a world wide basis.
  • Greater future flexibility with the ability to migrate the installation to an on-premises location to switch to a customer managed solution.

Subscription based with flexibility to meet your budgetary needs


The subscription fee has flexibility to address a variety of situations.  The fees will vary depending on the processes being implemented and number of users. 


The subscription fee consists of an initial configuration expense and a per user per month price with a minimum number of users.  Billing can be accommodated on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to best fit your needs. 


Easier to use, implement and manage

  • Customizable workflow templates for requesting, approval, monitoring, accounting and auditing of activities.
  • Web-based for easy access by authorized users from any location.
  • Easy utilization of current forms to avoid re-inventing the wheel (requires some Compliancy assisted uploading and customization).
  • Individualized Task Routing via email for task owners to eliminate complex system access and reduce the cost of training and support.
  • Dashboard access for quick assessment of the current status with complete drill-down for more detail on any task, process or document.

Improved compliance for enforcement and audit-ability

  • Automation of notifications, follow-up, and escalation of overdue assignments to enable faster and more effective compliance management.
  • Every step, result, change and bit of data is collected for a complete record.
  • Complete documentation of all processes and documentation management with version and change control for a single, up-to-date working set to remove inconsistencies and miscommunication.
  • Automated audits and reports to test, verify and report on compliance.

Granular access security and electronic sign-off

  • Access control for any level of detail to ensure that the right individuals have access to only authorized processes, documentation, and systems.
  • Complete routing for approval at any and all levels for electronic signature.
  • Organizational chart driven for easier maintenance of access, routing, approval and documentation when personnel changes occur.


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