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Three Subscription Options

Choose from policy templates to complete custom control frameworks to full automation

Compliancy offers you exactly what you need with its three subscription levels. Just need policies? We have a low cost subscription to give you the policies you need. Maybe you want to implement a control framework? No problem. Our Gold subscription will give you the business specific control framworks you need to meet you requirements. Maybe you want a comprehensive solution with automation? Our Silver subscription gives you access to everything! And all subscription are easy to sign up for and will not kill your budge.

All Compliancy subscritions come with corresponding level of LiveDesk support so you can access Compliancy's expert advise to help with implementation.

If you have a specific requirement that you need met fast - Look at our accelerated solution for SOC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO, AUP and get your audit or report fast!

" is perfect for mid-market companies like AlphaVax that have limited resources and budget and need a way to more effectively implement their internal control financial processes. Implementation was fast, management time has been greatly reduced, and ongoing support is minimized while allowing us to easily expand and grow as needed."

Tim Gupton, CFO for AlphaVax.

Silver Subscriptions

Control and policy templates with procedures and the support you need to customize and implement them

  • Yearly Vunerability Scan of your internet facing systems
  • Base control Framework with manual procedures
  • Policy Templates Library
  • On-line and phone implementation support
  • News letter, other information
  • Gold Subscriptions

    Everything in The Silver Subscription plus access to our automation framework.

  • Online control portal with template frameworks to manage controls
  • Reports for tracking status of controls
  • Discounted Annual Penetration Testing
  • Monthly Vunerability Scans of your external network
  • Platinum Subscriptions

    Everything in Our Gold Subscription plus...

  • Complete Yearly Access to our professional services team to implement your specific controls, tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Automate controls via Compliancy's online Portal
  • Portal and business intelligence. Know instantly where you stand with your yearly controls and reporting
  • An Annual Penetration Test is included in your subscription
  • Subscription Options

    Name Description Price
    Silver Subscription Specific policy templates for your requirements Contact Compliancy for more Information
    Gold Subscription Policies plus control framework Contact Compliancy for more Information
    Platinum Subscription Access to all resource plus full control automation Contact Compliancy for more Information
    Other Services Cyber Security, Accelerated Solutions, Risk Management and more Contact us
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